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 By: Dr E Omar Selim
       02 September 2015

The death toll is rising in yet another massacre in the Mediterranean and in Europe in what's set to be one of the worst human disaster in the history of a world blooded enough. However, not only the old colonialists remain stuck in their inhumane ways but, strangely enough, countries like Hungary who suffered colonialism seem to follow the same- indulge in non humanitarian practices.

It is hard to answer the question whether the thugs ruling most of Europe have ignored the so called "IMMIGRATION" crisis or that they simply didn't see it coming and reaching that huge extent. But a look at the root causes of this ugly mess should lead to the answer.  Economy & Politics



By: Dr E Omar Selim
      28 June 2015

The recent killing of Innocent people in Egypt, Kuwait and Tunisia is another reminder of the horrible state of affairs our world is living in. 

Anger, fear, killing, mistrust and skepticism dominates the thinking of some 7 billion people living on this hapless planet. A planet that is administered by no more than 7 million people controlled by no more than 7000 creatures most of them are criminals, crooked tycoons, thugs and Paedophiles.

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Understanding the Immigration Rocket Science

 By: Dr E Omar Selim
      15 March 2015

The ongoing tragedy where by thousands of immigrants drown in the Mediterranean every month is not impossible to solve- if only the United Nations' chiefs move their backsides and think a little.

All kinds of attempts by western countries, such as BORDER control, monitoring and security measures have failed utterly because non of the administrations of those countries thought about the root cause of the problem.

The effective solution lies in answering one simple question: Why do those people RISK THEIR LIVES this way?

And the simple straight answer is : "IN SEARCH OF REASONABLE LIVING CONDITIONS".

This means that the living conditions in their countries are UNREASONABLE- BUT WHY?

The answer for this question should be well known to western countries especially those who colonised countries from which those migrants come- because they were a main contributor to the mess that followed INDEPENDENCE of those countries.

Nobody with even a low IQ would believe that RICH AFRICA is in such a MESS- but it is. The colonialists, having exploited the rich continent for a century or more, could not help imagining life without exploiting African resources. Therefore they made every effort before, and after, leaving the colonies to ensure that those "INDEPENDENT STATES" become chaotic, divided and economically vulnerable. And that was simply secured by installing puppet government led by chiefs whose loyalty is for themselves and to a the few who were able to support them and keep them on the throne.

The solution to the holocaust of the third millennium is, therefore, two fold:

1- A change in heart on the part of the western countries to accept immigration as a fact of life in a globally
    shrinking world and stop meddling in the affairs of the migrant exporting countries- which is unlikely with a
    mentality like that of those RULING the WEST.

2-  RADICAL CHANGE in the west that brings about moderate administrations free from enshrined past
     colonial beliefs. This would pave the way to the MODERATES in migrant exporting countries overseas to
     establish DECENT INDEPENDENT  ADMINISTRATIONS that will gradually raise living conditions and
     standards which will in turn make the home country a place for all citizens to live and prosper.

Migration, albeit being a natural phenomenon, is not something humans like to do because " EAST or WEST HOME is the BEST".

   ملخص برنامج معارض مستقل


خطوة أولى لإنتشال مصر من أزماتها الكارثية

* مستوحى من أفكار آلاف المصريين فى داخل مصر وخارجها

د. السيد عمرسليم                     12 يولية 2014

 1- إلغاء الدستور الحالى وتشكيل فريق عمل يمثل الشعب المصرى لكتابة دستور جديد لمصر
    الحرة المستقلة أساسه الوطن والقانون فوق الشعب والشعب فوق الحكومة.

2-البدأ فى تفعيل العدالة الإجتماعية

  • تقنين الحدين الأقصى والأدنى للأجور خلال 30 يوما من بدأ الإدارة أعمالها.
  • الغاء الضرائب والقيمة المضافة على كل أنواع الغذاء
  • زيادة الضرائب على السجائر والخمور إلى 100%
  • ضريبة الدخل 70% على من يزيد دخلهم على 100 ألف جنيه شهريا
  • إعفاء المتقاعدين الذين لا يعملون من كافة أنواع الضرائب والرسوم الحياتية
  • إعفاء الأرامل والمعوقين والمرضى بأمراض مزمنة من كافة أنواع الضرائب
  • إعفاء الشباب المتزوجين من الضرائب خلال الخمسة سنوات الأولى من الزواج بحيث لا ينجبون أكثر من طفلين
  • خفض الضرائب على أصحاب الأعمال والشركات بنسبة زيادة تشغليهم للقوى العاملة المصرية

 3-العمل علىى استعادة أموال الدولة المهربة للخارج بكل الطرق الشرعية

 4-الغاء معاهدة كامب دافيد بكافة بنودها فى خلال 3 شهور وانهاء كل أنواع التطبيع مع
    الصهاينة بكل أشكالها بداية بإغلاق السفارات من الناحيتين فورا.

 5-إعادة محاكمة حسنى مبارك وكل من اشترك فى تخريب مصر أثناء حكمه فورا.

 6-البدأ فى تحسين ورفع مستوى التعليم الحكومى وتقنين أوضاع الجامعات والمدارس الأجنبية

 7-انشاء هيئة للخدمات الصحية المجانية لأغلبية المصريين

 8- التوسع فى مشاريع البنية التحتية من طرق وكبارى وخزانات للمياه وأنفاق للمواصلات

 9- إنشاء محطتين نوويتين غرب الإسكندرية وشرق بورفؤاد لتوليد الكهرباء وتحلية مياه
    البحر الأبيض المتوسط

 10-البدأ فى مشروع "إبنى بيتك" للشباب على نطاق واسع بدعم كامل من الدولة. وتكون الأولوية للشباب المتزوج حديثا و للبناء فى صحارى مصر بداية من نهر النيل

 11- نشر شبكة الإنترنت فى مكتبات ثقافية فى انحاء مصر بحيث تصبح متاحة لكل المصريين

 12- إلغاء جميع الأحزاب السياسية المصرية برمتها

13- تقليص عدد وزارات الحكومة بإلغاء بعضها مثل الإعلام والخارجية والغاء البعثات
      الديبلوماسية فى الخارج على أن يقوم بمهامها إدارة الكترونية تتبع رئاسة الوزراء.

 14—تحويل الأزهر الشريف إلى مؤسسة مستقلة منفصلة عن الحكومة

 15- تعظيم استخدام المدارس ومعاهد العلم والجامعات والأندية الرياضية لخدمة كل الشعب 24
       ساعة يوميا

  أعرض عليكم هذا الملخص أملا أن تدخلوا عليه تعديلاتكم ولمساتكم الأخيرة.


Dr E Omar Selim              26 May 2014

Any politician who underestimates the emerging China-Russia Alliance is either naive or short-term opportunist. And since Nigel Farage is not naive one can say he is looking after Nigel Farage’s interest not the national interest of the British public as he claims. A vote against staying in Europe will be a disaster for UK

What’s sovereignty? A tiny country who can shout but unable to stand up to the NEW SUPER ALLIANCE?.

Britain and the rest of Europe better get their act right and look carefully at the prospects of the future- a future without the USA. And the only way forward is a UNITED EUROPE which have the weight and resources to deal with the Russian Empire in the make, let alone the China-Russia Mighty Alliance.


Dr E Omar Selim              31 August 2013

I Tried to contest general elections in the past and failed utterly. Corrupt party monopoly was the the main reason behind my failure. And, of course, standing as an INDEPENDENT in the very BLUE constituency of Basingstoke is a nightmare. 

Other than the media that will only deal with whoever PAY them handsomely, even leaflet advertising cost a load of money only PARTY candidates can afford out of the tens or hundreds of thousands of Pounds they get from their future big business supporters in return for LOBBYING. I had no media exposure whatsoever even from the local rags and surely nothing from TV or National papers.

Is this what some Brits brag about as DEMOCRACY?.
What Britain had for years is DUMocracy- dealing with the voters as DUMB. What is very sad is that most voters have accepted the status quo and did not mind being treated like that. But one can excuse many voters for their attitude because they don't know the facts- bing covered up neatly. For example voters don't know about Lobbying and how much Party MPs can get, from whom and for what purpose. 
Have a look at this and judge for yourselves:

MPs financial links to companies involved in private healthcare

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Join us in this website and let us work together to help 60 Million British people stranded in the club jungle with NO POWER or even SAY. Government and Parliament that has ONE INDEPENDENT MP are plagued with MENTAL DEAFNESS. They treat US the PEOPLE like DIRT while SUCKING OUR BLOOD. Education and NHS are near complete PRIVATISATION after they PRIVATISED EVERYTHING ELSE from Industry to Transport to Utilities. And WHO is PAYING A HEFTY PRICE for all of that - US, the 99% SUFFERING PEOPLE of BRITAIN.

People have started taking their destiny in their hands in many countries around the world from Egypt to Brazil going through Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Turkey and Italy to name a few- SO WHY CAN'T WE do it in BRITAIN? Don't be intimidated by PARTY BENEFICIARIES and GO for it. We need as many INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES in 2015 to OUST the CLUBS.

 For contacts: Please use this website, TWITTER and Facebook.

Dr E Omar Selim       03 July 2013  

Prospective Independent Candidate for Basingstoke

ملخص برنامج مرشحكم المستقل

د. السيد عمرسليم

28 مارس 2014

 * مستوحى من أفكار آلاف المصريين فى داخل مصر وخارجها


1-البدأ فى تفعيل العدالة الإجتماعية

  • تقنين الحدين الأقصى والأدنى للأجور خلال 30 يوما من بدأ الإدارة أعمالها.
  • الغاء الضرائب والقيمة المضافى على كل أنواع الغذاء
  • زيادة الضرائب على السجائر والخمور إلى 100%
  • ضريبة الدخل 70% على من يزيد دخلهم على مليون جنيه شهريا
  • إعفاء المتقاعدين الذين لا يعملون من كافة أنواع الضرائب والرسوم الحياتية
  • إعفاء الأرامل والمعوقين والمرضى بأمراض مزمنة من كافة أنواع الضرائب
  • إعفاء الشباب المتزوجين من الضرائب خلال الخمسة سنوات الأولى من الزواج بحيث لا ينجبون أكثر من طفلين
  • خفض الضرائب على أصحاب الأعمال والشركات بنسبة زيادة تشغليهم للقوى العاملة المصرية 

2-العمل علىى استعادة أموال الدولة المهربة للخارج بكل الطرق الشرعية 

3-الغاء معاهدة كامب دافيد بكل بنودها فى خلال 3 شهور

4-إعادة محاكمة حسنى مبارك وكل من اشترك فى تخريب مصر أثناء حكمه فورا

5-البدأ فى تحسين ورفع مستوى التعليم الحكومى

6-انشاء هيئة للخدمة الصحية المجانية لأغلبية المصريين

7-البدأ فى مشروع "إبنى بيتك " للشباب على نطاق واسع بدعم كامل من الدولة

8- إلغاء جميع الأحزاب السياسية المصرية برمتها

9—تحويل الأزهر الشريف إلى مؤسسة مستقلة منفصلة عن الحكومة

10- تعظيم استخدام المدارس ومعاهد العلم والجامعات والأندية الرياضية لخدمة كل الشعب

اعرض عليكم هذا الملخص أملا أن تدخلوا عليه تعديلاتكم ولمساتكم الأخيرة.

وفقنى الله وإياكم لخدمة مصر الحبيبة وشعبها الذى عانى الكثير والآن يستحق كل التعويض و الخير.-aQXP7pxo6g

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A TRULY INDEPENDENT PARLIAMENT is the ONLY ANSWER TO PEOPLE'S and BRITAIN'S PROBLEMS. Please participate in the survey shown in the POLITICS page >>> Politics

Wangling your way into top jobs

Dr E Omar Selim              23 July 2013 

How do ZEROs manage to wangle their way into top important jobs?


1- BE a YES MAN or WOMAN and bullshit you bosses continuously.

2- Keep your mouth shut from day 1 in your career and only open it to praise the boss.

3- Keep your ears and eyes wide open to everything that goes around you especially
    wrong doings and record them if possible (for future blackmail or evidence)

4- Don't do more than the minimum work necessary to keep the job but always
    SHOW that you are working hard- a lot of paper on your desk, etc

5- Make a huge CV full of any cosmetic rubbish, conferences, courses, seminars ..

6- Learn too much jargon, particularly from IT, as you can and use it when talking to bosses

7- Go on as many conferences, courses and seminars as possible to obtain as many
    certificates for your CV

8- BE superficially nice to anyone and everyone all the time. Stab in the back those who come
    in your way of moving up the ladder- with a smile

9- Participate superficially in any Charitable or Voluntary functions


10-Watch and learn by heart the TV soap "YES Minister


Fairness by the people for the people

By: Dr Omar Selim
08 July 2013

Complaints procedures of different companies and organisations are set as a democratic and fairness window dressing and are nothing more than smoke screens which only serves those who set them up. Those procedures usually exhaust, and waste time of, the complainant ending with a little leaflet telling him or her to go the Ombudsman. But these amazing bodies, set up by government to ensure integrity of companies and organisations complaint procedures, are nothing more than expensive toothless scarecrows. So what is left to the majority of complainants is resorting to courts- another exhaustive expensive field which is totally inequitable and unlevel. All this leads to the usual result for 90% or more of complainants-LOSING what is essentially their legitimate rights.

 This state of affairs in Britain where only the rich can get the rights and the poor go to hell is sustained by non other governments of all colours – even coalitions. It’s time to change all that by ABOLISHING ALL OMBUDSMAN, Complaint Procedures of Companies and Organisations. Then bring about a real democratic form of a complaint system that ensures FAIRNESS and INTEGRITY of verdicts. The only way this can be 

achieved is by establishing a COMPLAINT OFFICE FULLY RUN BY THE PEOPLE.

The proposed office, despite being totally independent, would be annexed to the Prime Minister’s office for ease of financing and servicing.

The Complaint Office would have a number of sub-offices for various fields from Banking to Utilities going through business, education, health, etc. Each sub-office will have an experienced Manager in the field picked up from among the public by national advertising and vetted in all aspects of his or her career and life. The same applies to members of the team manning that sub-office.

Therefore, if any one has a complaint they GO DIRECTLY to the People’s Complaints Office which investigates the complaint then listens to those against whom the complaint was filed and make its verdict.

This is just a framework for my idea that needs national discussions among as many people before putting it to the government.

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Join us in this website and let us work together to help 60 Million British people stranded in the club jungle with NO POWER or even SAY. Government and Parliament that has ONE INDEPENDENT MP are plagued with MENTAL DEAFNESS. They treat US the PEOPLE like DIRT while SUCKING OUR BLOOD. Education and NHS are near complete PRIVATISATION after they PRIVATISED EVERYTHING ELSE from Industry to Transport to Utilities. And WHO is PAYING A HEFTY PRICE for all of that - US, the 99% SUFFERING PEOPLE of BRITAIN.

People have started taking their destiny in their hands in many countries around the world from Egypt to Brazil going through Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Turkey and Italy to name a few- SO WHY CAN'T WE do it in BRITAIN? Don't be intimidated by PARTY BENEFICIARIES and GO for it. We need as many INDEPENDENT CANDIDATES in 2015 to OUST the CLUBS.

 For contacts: Please use this website, TWITTER and Facebook.

Dr E Omar Selim       03 July 2013  

Prospective Independent Candidate for Basingstoke

My Lost Egypt

Dr E Omar Selim       03 July 2013

In 2004, I wrote the open letter below as a message to Ousted President Hosni Mubarak. Today, almost a decade later, Egypt is in a mess  threatened with a bloody civil war- Why? Politics

Dr E Omar Selim       03 July 2013 

                 Invitaion to PROTEST              

START at London Hyde Park


Sunday 30 June 2013-from 12 -5pm



Dr E Omar Selim
Prospective INDEPENDENT Parliamentary Candidate for (2015) Election
20 May 2013

Nobody in there mind will agree with the Tory-LibDem Coalition government about their UNWISE rush to implement AUSTERITY left right and centre in all walks of life in Britain. However, the BEDROOM TAX has made all other forms of austerity a second rate measure because it's the most STUPID, UNCALCULATED decision ever taken by the TORIES since the STUPID POLL TAX.

The damage this STUPID TAX will inflict on millions of British people and Britain at large is beyond imagination. The SOCIAL UPHEAVAL this STUPID TAX will cause has more than one dimension. It will breakdown whole communities most of which already suffering social breakdown due to unemployment and poor education. The impact on a readily bankrupt ECONOMY will be devastating and will last for decades to come.

There remains a small window of time for the Coalition government to correct its dangerous path to socioeconomic HELL. However, the correction must start NOW. But if the Tories, having realised that they will lose the 2015 election, decide to carry on with their plan such that they leave a legacy to whoever is coming to govern Britain, they will have put the last nail in the TORY PARTY COFFIN- for GOOD.  

No doubt Britain is facing a very difficult time which will extend for the coming few decades. And it's up to the British people to mend there own house starting as soon as people. That's why we are calling for this protest.

Sunday 30th June 2013 is a WAKE UP to REALITY call to those who aim and want to get Britain out of the ROT and move on away from selfish PARTY POLITICS and INTERESTS to the benefit of the 99.9% of the British PEOPLE.

Join us in what could be the last chance for Britain and its people to AVOID a CHINESE/RUSSIAN ECONOMIC TAKEOVER. 

For contacts: Please use this website, TWITTER and Facebook. 



By: INDEPENDENT Parliamentary Candidate
      for Basingstoke & Deane 
      Dr Elsayed Omar Selim

12 March 2010

YES. It is YOUR MANIFESTO which I compiled from all what you, Basingstoke & Deane voters told me over the last five years. It is YOUR MANIFESTO which I will follow up and support if you put me in the House of Commons as your representative.

But before presenting YOUR 2010 MANIFESTO let me present to you your manifesto which I presented during the 2005 election campaign: details 


Dr Elsayed Omar Selim

Prospective Independent Parliamentary Candidate

10 July 2009

Bugging phones, email, postal letters or your chats with other people is a rife business in this country. Who is doing it? Why are they doing it? Can it be stopped or criminalised? Do you feel threatened? What can you do to protect your family and yourself? Is there such thing as privacy in today's Britain?


Of course it does not happen to all of us all the time. But it happens to some of us all the time and to all of us some of the time.

. . . .  to be continued




British politics as I saw it for 30 years

Dr Elsayed Omar Selim

Prospective Independent Parliamentary Candidate

26 June 2009


Who are you covering up Gordon?
Tony Blair and his gang?
Whose second in command was . . er . . Gordon Brown?


Tony-Con-Blair tells the Guardian:

'I run a small business now. I love it'

He has a string of jobs and earns £3m a year but what has the ex-PM actually achieved since leaving Downing Street a year ago?

For more:       Michael White: My day with Tony Blair

  Tony Blair in conversation with Michael White 
                    and Patrick Wintour

Phony Tony and every one of the gang who masterminded and executed the MASS MURDER and DESTRUCTION of Iraq should stand a PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL COURT of JUSTICE TRIAL, not only a PUBLIC ENQUIRY.

Phony Tony should not be allowed to carry on as a peace envoy in the Middle East. He is the last man on earth to even talk about peace after he has orchestrated the cold blood murder of more than a million Iraqi, making some 7 million Iraqis homeless and destroying Iraq's infra structure in addition to the squandering of huge unknown amounts of its OIL.

This crime, by Bush and Blair et al,  is a MAJOR CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY that dwarfs many others including Hitler's Holocaust and Bosnia's ethnic cleansing.  


DICTATOR HOSNI MUBARAK is keeping more than 60,000 innocent people in his notorious detention centres for no reason whatsoever except that they are asking for DEMOCRACY in Egypt.
Today, I am starting a campaign to FREE ALL POLITICAL DETAINEES FROM EGYPTIAN GUANTANAMO DETENTION CAMPS and to shut the NAZI STYLE HORROR SHEDS everywhere in Egypt forever.
SUPPORT THIS CAMPAIGN by whatever means you can. Most important by spreading the word and signing the PROTEST MEMO that will appear to more on Facebook and other platforms.

(Dr E O Selim    03 APRIL 2010)

Confidential memo reveals US plan to provoke an invasion of Iraq

Jamie Doward, Gaby Hinsliff and Mark Townsend
The Guardian       June 21, 2009

A confidential record of a meeting between President Bush and Tony Blair before the invasion of Iraq, outlining their intention to go to war without a second United Nations resolution, will be an explosive issue for the official inquiry into the UK’s role in toppling Saddam Hussein.

The memo, written on 31 January 2003, almost two months before the invasion and seen by the Observer, confirms that as the two men became increasingly aware UN inspectors would fail to find weapons of mass destruction (WMD) they had to contemplate alternative scenarios that might trigger a second resolution legitimising military action.

Bush told Blair the US had drawn up a provocative plan “to fly U2 reconnaissance aircraft painted in UN colours over Iraq with fighter cover”. Bush said that if Saddam fired at the planes this would put the Iraqi leader in breach of UN resolutions.

The president expressed hopes that an Iraqi defector would be “brought out” to give a public presentation on Saddam’s WMD or that someone might assassinate the Iraqi leader. However, Bush confirmed even without a second resolution, the US was prepared for military action. The memo said Blair told Bush he was “solidly with the president”.

Read entire article

If there was a shred of democracy in this island, a single person would not have been allowed to bully the masses and keep his top job against their will.

I have always questioned the need for kings or queens because I see it as a sign of backwardness. However, I was told when I expressed my views years ago that the queen is a safe guard for British democracy. When I asked how, I was told that in the case of a governmental mess like that we have now the queen can step in above the Prime Minister, resolve the Parliament and force a general election.

So far I have seen no justification for calling Britain a democracy or for the existence of the queen, especially after the anarchy we are witnessing now.

That stupid tradition giving the Prime Minister, and only him or her, the exclusive freedom to call a general election should STOP - and immediately. 

Dr Elsayed Omar Selim
Prospective Independent Parliamentary Candidate

07 June 2009

I'm bitter

I'm better . . I'm bigger . .

I'm fitter

I'm no quitter . . I won't Dither

I'll let it . . . simmer

Dr Elsayed Omar Selim
Prospective Independent Parliamentary Candidate
06 June 2009


Arrogant, Egotist, Irresponsible

or Just another

Second Rate


Dr Elsayed Omar Selim
Prospective Independent Parliamentary Candidate

1st June 2009

Whoever told Gordon Brown what to say on Andrew Marr's Sunday show yesterday is either an idiot who sent him to his political death or a devious spin doctor who deliberately gave him a political suicide potion.

By the Letter of the law &

Spirit of the Rules WAFFLE

Dr Elsayed Omar Selim

Prospective Independent Parliamentary Candidate

22 May 2009


This is how New Labour spin doctors described the abuse of MPs expenses by their ministers Geoff Hoon and James Purnel yesterday. But at the same time Gordon Brown described a similar abuse by Hazel Blears as unacceptable.

They, I mean the government and New Labour, are immensely and ridiculously blundering in their attempts to get away with what is a criminal offence by any law and in any regulatory system nationally or internationally.


New Labour came to power because they were not the conservatives. They jumped on a platform of cleaning the Tory sleaze. However, in twelve years they managed to do much better than the Conservatives – in SLEAZE and more. If the conservatives were an inch arrogant New labour became a foot long. The Tory government led by Thatcher managed to demolish the British Industry but New Labour’s prudence led by Gordon Brown excelled and demolished the whole British economy.


Now that we all are in a big hole, it is time to think logically and sensibly- cause and effect analysis is the answer.


First, no doubt, New Labour caused the economic mayhem we are in now,  hence this government should GO- the sooner the better.


Second, the majority in the Parliament have abused the Taxpayer, broke the rules to the extent of FRAUD in many cases and continue to deal with the citizens of this country with total contempt. This warrants dissolving this corrupt Parliament as a start. And If Brown drags his feet, the queen should play her role and dissolve the Parliament- otherwise what is she there for?


Thirdly, since the party, or club, system has failed utterly then either disband the party system or apply a one-person-one-vote system in the coming election and allow as many independent candidates to contest on equal basis with party candidates.


Having located the main causes of our troubles it is time to move quickly to eliminated them to prevent further damages. This means:


Having a general election no later than 16 July 2009. It is waste of time to keep this corrupt Parliament to have a long recess and leave the rot behind to hurt all of us more and more. It was sickening to hear New Labourite Ben Bradshow on last nights question time saying that a general election soon will let the offending MPs off the hook. Offences do not go and offenders can be punished any time in the future – but by a clean government and system!


New Labour has nothing to say now but disappear, SHUT UP and let the POOR people of this country clean up the MESS.


On this occasion, I extend an invitation to all those who would like to contest as INDEPENDENT candidates in the coming election to contact me with a view of organising an INDEPENDENT FORUM to use as a springboard to launch their campaigns. For the time being we can all use the existing forum on this website.

From my 2005 Election Campaign 


for MPs

For the British Phoney Democracy to survive, it was vital that its home, the Parliament, should be inhabited by phoney parliamentarians. In this article I will not talk about the squatters who fill the bar, the benches and the corridors of the Commons, instead I will be positive and suggest to you a proper JOB DESCRIPTION for MPs- something that is unthinkable to the establishment and to most British people.

The Proper MP



The proper Member of Parliament MUST serve the interests of the people he or she represents, where interest means: anything that contributes to, or advances, well-being.

This is a FULL-TIME position, therefore, the MP will be required to dedicate most of their working time (at least 8 hours for five days per week) to the above purpose, to the exclusion of any other business. Accordingly, the MP should set-up an office at a location accessible to the constituents say from 9.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Saturday.
The MP’s office must be adequately equipped and staffed to meet the wide range of demands expected from the constituents. The minimum would be modern communication and information systems, proper reception, adequate seating arrangements and special parking- needless to say that the office has to meet the needs of elderly and disabled constituents as well as mothers with toddlers as required by Health and Safety Regulations.

MP activities and services

The MP’s core service is to REPRESENT her or his constituents in LOCAL, NATIONAL and REGIONAL decision-making functions that affect their lives.
REPRESENT in this case means to speak for, stand for, acting on behalf-of or serve as an official delegate of, the constituents. As such, whatever the MP does or says within the context of her or his parliamentarian activities should have the total agreement and approval of the MAJORITY of the constituents- this is an absolute necessity in issues of national interest such as, for example, JOINING EUROPE, TAXATION, GOING TO WAR, NATIONAL SECURITY, ENVIRONMENT and TRADE TREATIES. 
A proper MP should be there whenever a function or meeting is expected to make a decision that affects the majority of the constituents. Examples include TAX changes at local and National level, CARE and HEALTH charges, LAW and ORDER ACTS.

MP Expertise and Personality

The proper MP should be of good character as judged by the constituents of the constituency he or she lived in for at least SIX years. He or she should be:
Accountable, Caring, Communicator, Conscientious, Considerate, Hard Working, Honest, Modest, Organised, pragmatic and Sociable.
The demanding role of an MP requires vast experience that can not be accumulated in less than two decades of variety work. Therefore it is unlikely that anyone under the age of forty would adequate expertise. It is also unlikely that a career politician, which is a person that have never had experience other than in politics, would meet the demands of the MP role. Even people who spent the twenty years in one role, doing the same thing all the time, might not be able to deal with the multifaceted parliamentary business.
The MP job will be best fulfilled by a 45+ all rounder who has a track record of successfully managing people and projects. Needless to say that an MP who has no entrepreneurial skills would just be another hanging about employee of the House of Commons.


MP Contractual Terms

MP job is for a fixed term of one Parliamentary term or five years, or which is shorter. The MP can not stand again unless he or she spends no less than one Parliamentary period outside the Commons following the period that he or she served. The job is not pensionable.
During period in office, the MP accounts will be made available in the PUBLIC DOMAIN for
scrutiny by any UK citizen. In particular, Constituency Office expenditure should be audited annually by an auditor appointed by the Parliament.
The MP is required to publish all her or his constituency activities and commitments
on a publicly available website and, at the same time, provide constituents who do not have a computer with a facility to use the Constituency Office Computer for the same purpose.
In a nutshell, the proper MP is a highly experienced person with high integrity who fulfilled most her or his life ambitions and dreams and who should instead fulfil the dreams of the voters.

Interested candidates should in the first place submit their detailed CV to be published publicly for the voters to decide.
Dr Elsayed Omar Selim . . . . . . . 29 March 2005


Can you see how I saw the mess 5 years ago and nobody considered what I said. I was not elected  and, infact humiliated in 1997 when I got only 310 votes out of 22,000. And the winner was the Tory incumbent who, for 22 years, was working for the DUP while he was an MP for Basingstoke at the same time. 

I am standing in the coming elections, hopefully soon, as a last attempt to show the British voters what a PROPER MP should do. I am not going to claim any allowances or take up any directorships. And I will serve for ONE TERM ONLY. I will do all that because I believe that the voters have been cheated for so long and that it is time to clean up British politics.

Dr E Omar Selim
Prospective Independent Parliamentary Candidate
14 May 2009


 Would Shoplifters Be Let Scot Free If

They Pay After Being Caught? – NO

Dr E Omar Selim
12 May 2009

Paying after being caught doesn’t save shoplifters from persecution. So why MPs think they can get away with Taxpayers money after years of what is essentially shoplifting in daylight?

Similarly, millions of citizens on benefit have been continuously spied on, and watched closely in many ways unnecessarily, and thousands have been persecuted even for the slightest misuse of the benefit system. So why are our honourable MPs being treated differently, bearing in mind that their shoplifting bill amount to millions of pounds not a few quid.

More important, MPs are supposed to set a good example of honesty and integrity to the citizens at large. Therefore, what they have done is a crime by all standards since they have given a clear indication that it is normal to public money – within the rule. And when caught, it is legitimate to point finger to the “corrupt system”.

If there were no double standards, all those MPs who were caught in the EXPENSES GATE should be sacked from Parliament and then stand a public trial. As the ‘majority’ of the current MPs have taken part in this disgraceful act, a general election should be called as soon as possible – July would pave the way for a new clean start in September. This will allow ample time for a new clean and clear system of paying MPs to be developed.

Will Gordon Brown do the right thing? That is calling a general elections!

New Labour Anarchy

Dr Elsayed Omar Selim

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
28 January 2009


Only an administration of thugs, weak personalities or people who have interest in such anarchy will allow thugs to roam the land terrorising people under the nose of the government - "LEGALLY".


For years, many people urged the government to stand up and take those THUG BAILIFFS to no avail. One must now ask Gordon Brown, who said he will save the world, WILL HE MOVE HIS . . .  and SAVE US from the anarchy he is presiding on?


After BABY ALFIE was murdered in cold blood in 2005 years ago, when some thug bailiffs stormed his mother's house to collect an alleged debt, I thought some one in New Labour will have the decency and some conscious to STOP THIS KIND of CRIME.  

But, NO, Labour ministers who are keeping quiet about SOCIAL CARE CRIMES carried on with their usual careless inhumane negligence of British people and ignored the DEBT COLLECTION CRIMES affecting MILLIONS OF US - NEW LABOUR simply DON'T CARE. 

What is equally disgraceful is the silence of the opposition. But if we had a strong and effective opposition we would not have needed any further calls on the government to clean up the mess. We would have had a general election and a new efficient, fair and strong government that would deal with the threats facing British people rather than dithering and hiding under the table. 

If Minister of Trade Gareth Thomas ( pictured opposit) does not deal with this shameful issue immediately, he should be sacked immediately - that is, of course, if his PRUDENT boss wants to do his job properly and humanely.

For more details: 



"Hi, I'm Alfies mum! these people need to be stopped before something like this happens again. Ill never get over the loss of my baby. Ill have to live with what the bailiffs did to me & my family everyday,for the rest of my life."




Dr Elsayed Omar Selim

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

24 January 2009

It is true that board of directors are the original culprits in the fall of British and world economies and that they should stand trial for a crimes that are damaging the world and its population everywhere well beyond the damage caused by WWI, the great 1929 depression and WWII together.


However, the government did not have the guts to stand up to those criminals let alone punishing them even by sacking them. Instead, they had enough cheek to hand MORE THAN HUNDRED BILLION POUNDS of our money, TAXPAYERS MONEY, to bail out the arrogant incompetent con bank chiefs without even consulting us,  to squander it then ask for more. 

The disaster began to unfold. Some FIVE MILLION BRITS are expected to become UNEMPLOYED by the end of 2009 which will cause many other tragedies.


How much more damage we can sustain before those responsible for the biggest disaster Britain will witness in its entire history? 

It is time to put all that lot in the Old Bailey box to stand trial for their crimes. More important, as the buck stops with Gordon Brown, Alastair Darling and the rest of the useless New Labour Government they also should stand trial for wrecking Britain.


Let us start taking the lot to account by SACKING THE GOVERNMENT FIRST.

Next Monday, 26 January 2009, David Cameron MUST put a MOTION OF NO CONFIDENCE before the parliament. Any delay, which will inevitably lead to more deterioration of the state of the British economy, will be counted against the viability of the conservatives as an alternative government. In fact they will then be jointly responsible with the incumbent government for the disaster.


CAMERON, be responsible and make the move. ONLY AN ELECTION can give a mandate this time.

A message


for Humanity


Oh , man .. Wherever you are , and however you are ..
You are a HUMAN , having eyes , heart and mind ..
Look what happened , going on and will be to happened ..
Look at the blood being shed ..

Lookt at th tears being shed ..
Look at the body parts scattered .. It is the remains people like you ..

Do you see your hand ?? there are who lost it ..
Do you see your eyes ?? there are who disappearnce it ..
Do you understand what I say in your mind ?? there is who lost his head which has a mind like you ..
Yes , man ..
That is what happened in Gaza and is still happened for a moment ..
That is happened for Gaza people ..
No house .. No Family .. No life ..

Did you see that ??

Is this HUMANITY ???

Please , just answer me .. don't think too much ..
All religions DENY that ..
Why you are looking for reasons , is there any justifications for this massacre ??
Is there any justifications to bomb an unarmed people with aircraft ??
Is there any justifications to kill babies ??
My brother .. My sister ..
Now , while you reading my words , there are who dead .. distort .. blooding .. any more things you can't imagine it .
Maybe in this moment who lost his parents .. her husband , their children .
May be there are many houses destroyed ..
All that happened and the world have been silent ..
No one doing any thing to stop this massacre ..
So , have you accept this ?? Do you want to continue in silence??
I believe in your strong .. I believe in your word ..
Any idea from your humanity can change the situation , and the history will tell that about you .
Let's go ,
Go and EXPRESS your refusal ..
HELP people in GAZA




To all Muslims,

 Christians, Arabs and

peace loving

human beings

Please join in our demonstration to expose the shameful collaboration of Mubarak's regime in the barbaric siege, massacre and systematic destruction which are taking place against the innocent people of Gaza... It is the same regime which sells much of the nation's natural gas to Israel for less than 10% of its international market value while depriving the Egyptians of subsidised or even reasonably priced energy, let alone the very basic needs; bread in particular!! It is also the regime which volunteers to give away national sovereignty over its borders and persistently plays a major vital role in the long going deprivation and starvation of a million and half innocent people in Gaza by enforcing a fierce blockade on its borders with the stricken Palestinian strip; in defiance of the United Nations Human Rights Committee's declaration and many other international Human Rights organisations' condemnation of the unjust siege of Gaza as a Serious Crime Against Humanity.

Outside the Egyptian Embassy:

23 South Street. London W1K 2XD

Friday 2nd January 2009-from 2 -5pm


I'll stand with you there

In the stated interests of unbiased reporting, I 'trust' the BBC will report your common sense stand and every stand against ISRAEL'S FOUNDING INTENTION TO massacre the Palestinians as pronounced in the 1896 manifesto and at the World Zionist Conference in 1897: "We shall DISAPPEAR THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF PALESTINE" - Theodore Herzl, secular founder of the Jewish State. 


Without Britain's shameful collusion with such masters of political twistspeak euphemisms, this anti-gentile World Zionist HQ would never have been brought into its evidently malicious existence.


An unncecessary existence to boot because in 1948 there was no political impediment for wartime Europe's Jewish refugees to head for their original and ever safe homeland in Birobidjan, established in 1928 with the support of World Jewry, a Jewish Autonomous Region the size of Switzerland which displaced no indigenous population in its inception.  World Zionist leaders lied to everyone.


Israel has no moral right nor ever had anything other than a misanthropic reason to conquer the peaceful people of Palestine.


These illegal European Jewish occupiers must return to their original safe homeland of Birobidjan - safe for them; safe thereby, for the rest of the world.


With an international tv commercials actress's expertise in mis-packing and advertising mis-persuasion I hereby, without fear, state the bleeding obvious. 


Yours in common sense comradeship

Michele Renouf



a RECIPE for


Dr Elsayed Omar Selim

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

27 December 2008

It is just over four years since I wrote the above article in a web site I used to publish then ( Wasn’t I right in most of what I said?
Here is the full article for you to judge:

Our great world is running onto a very slippery road which could lead to havoc. A focused satellite snap shot would show blood all over the planet from Chechenya to Colombia passing through Iraq and Palestine and from America to Southern Africa via Europe and North Africa, it is hard to find a place on earth which can be described as PEACEFUL or SAFE
Is the world heading towards TOTAL ANARCHY? Where small militia groups take on corrupt Governments of the world and make life hell for all. Or, Maybe, we are in the preliminary stage of a  THIRD WORLD WAR? Or, even though I hate to endorse the prediction that, we are about to see DOOMSDAY?
       What are the causes behind what is going on? And, is there any way to stop or at least to slow down the world bunjie jump into a SEA of NO RETURN?       
A world where someone who kicks a ball commands a £100,000 a week wages, while at a walking distance away human beings just EXIST, can’t be stable. When the food thrown daily in the bin of an American or European house is enough to feed an African family for a week then we must not talk about WRITING OFF DEBTS of POOR COUNTRIES. If Western Governments are moaning about their people LIVING LONGER INTO THEIR NINETIES, when in POOR Countries life expectancy is FIFTY YEARS at best, they have a moral duty to ask themselves if that is RIGHT. If well educated YOUTH in countries like Egypt, Pakistan, Philippines and even Saudi Arabia are roaming the streets in search of ANY JOBS, when many less educated Western Youth are declining good jobs and squandering SOCIAL SECURITY, PEACE CAN’T BE SUSTAINED.

One can write pages about disparity and inequity between the so called the G or "GREAT CIVILISATION" and the rest of the world. Nothing of such information is unknown to most of the people of that civilisation and surely many contribute towards helping poor nations. The problem lies with many others, particularly those who are in the driving seats, who think that they are god’s chosen lot on earth and, hence, they are entitled to live in luxury at the EXPENSE of the POOR. That GREEDY LOT believe that they should LIVE THE WAY THEY WANT and TO HELL WITH ANYBODY ELSE. The result is that we now have two worlds, The HAVE EVERY THING and THE HAVE NOTHING.
       Our WORLD IS RESOURCEFUL, RICH and there is ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE, provided that fair sharing is observed- even allowing some natural human greed. The biggest problem of all is that some of us have gone berserk and their GREED HAS GONE BEYOND THEIR DREAMS - Just look at the Blairs who became MULTIMILLIONAIRES from NOTHING in just SEVEN YEARS. The result is TOTAL IMBALANCE with all the subsequent ailments affecting our world, one of which is the so called "TERRORISM". But there other more devastating consequences which most world Governments avoid talking about such as ALCOHOLISM, CHILD ABUSE, DRUG ADDICTION, FRAUD, GUN CULTURE, MENTAL DISEASES, MERCENARIES, Organised CRIME, PORNOGRAPHY, PROSTITUTION, to name a few. 
       Blair, Bush and the rest of that gang talk about TERRORISM but fail to DEFINE what it is. I challenge them to come up with any definition. Those Governments are detaining people without charge because there is no charge except that illusion called TERRORISM. And because they have failed to file charges, they detain people indefinitely. This is JUST THUGGERY and not very different from the days when the ancestors of that lot roamed the world, PIRACY was their main occupation and stealing the wealth of other nations continued for centuries. A visit to the BRITISH MUSEUM in LONDON is a damning proof of how Britain ROBBED EGYPTIAN HISTORY, as if robbing other resources such as COTTON was not enough. ROBBERIES as these happened everywhere worldwide even in Europe- THEFT of the GREEK MARBLES is a simple example.
Can anyone in those Governments tell us what do they expect form YOUNG MEN and WOMEN GRADUATES, roaming the streets of Egypt in their millions, having NO HOPE IN HELL TO FIND ANY JOB, GET MARRIED or LIVE A NORMAL LIFE?. Do they expect them to dance in the streets chanting GOD BLESS AMERICA or GOD SAVE THE QUEEN?
       Can Bush or Blair tell us what do they reckon Iraqi and Palestinian youth should do when they see mighty armaments destroy their homes, towns and villages, indiscriminately bombard and kill their families, destroy any source of living and plan to wipe out their culture?
Egyptian, American puppet, president Mubarak is in France today calling for a conference to TACKLE TERRORISM. The 76 year old DICTATOR must be demented- only last week he had a major blow to his security system when the Taba Hilton Hotel was demolished and nearly 200 people were injured with 36 killed. He should know more than anyone the reason for what he calls TERRORISM- he does not need to look further than his own nose to know how EGYPTIAN PEOPLE are ANGRY, HUNGRY, SICK and UNEMPLOYED. But, of course, a president who is nicknamed "The LAUGHING COW" by the man in the streets of Cairo won’t be able to see the point. IT is not only Egypt or the Arab countries that are ANGRY, HUNGRY, SICK and UNEMPLOYED. This description applies to hundreds of millions almost everywhere in this world- and this is where the so called "TERRORISM" is bred.
What the world needs is a RECOGNITION of the above PROBLEMS as a start. That does not require a conference or research since it is common sense. Then comes the difficult part which is for the GREEDY LOT in the G8 to face up to reality and SHARE the world resources with the rest on a LIVE and LET LIVE basis.. The G8 SHARKS should give the so called "THIRD WORLD" a FAIR CHANCE. Those people are CAPABLE ENOUGH to look after themselves given LEVEL PLAYING FIELDS. The G8 should STOP SUPPORTING DICTATORS and PUPPETS in the Third World for their own benefit. Last, but not least. The G8 should GIVE UP PROSECUTING the MUSLIMS and the MUSLIM FAITH.

Did NEO Labour Allow Thug Bailiffs to Break Into Our Homes


Dr Elsayed Omar Selim

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

21 December 2008


This morning Andrew Marr mentioned that the government have slipped in a legislation allowing bailiffs to break into people's homes to collect debts or take whatever in payment of debts.

I have always said, and maintain the view, that any government that allows thugs to operate legally are no more than a bunch of thugs themselves.

At this economically difficult time, caused by Gordon Brown and the like in America and elsewhere, I would have though that Neo Labour will shy of doing such a stupid thing  but, of course, THUGS HAVE NO SHAME!




Dr Elsayed Omar Selim
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate
07 December 2008

I woke up this morning to find sky news reporting the following bull shit on my computer screen:

Social Work To Be 'Transformed' 

A root-and-branch overhaul of England's social service departments is to go ahead after the Baby P child abuse case led to questioning over why he was not protected by authorities.



The review was ordered after the Baby P child abuse case shocked Britain.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that Children's Secretary Ed Balls and Health Secretary Alan Johnson will this week announce the formation of a new task force to look at every aspect of social work, including leadership.

In an interview with the paper, Mr Balls acknowledged that the changes would be "controversial" but said that he was determined to ensure that the professionals entrusted with child safety carried out their task properly.

Writing separately in the News of the World, the Children's Secretary said that he wanted to transform the standing of social workers in order to attract "the brightest and the best" into the profession.

Officials have confirmed that ministers want to see future chiefs of local authority children's services gain experience in both schools and social work before they are appointed.

Training schemes will be changed, with more emphasis on "on-the-job" learning and the introduction of a new "qualifying year" in which new staff will get hands-on experience before they qualify fully.

The review plans come after Haringey social services in north London were severely criticised in a damning report into the death of the 17-month-old Baby P after suffering appalling abuse at the hands of his mother, her boyfriend and her lodger.

The council's leader and cabinet member for children resigned while the director of children's services, Sharon Shoesmith, remains suspended on full pay.

In his News of the World article, Mr Balls acknowledged that social workers had a "really difficult job" to do and said that it was now essential to "transform" their status and training.

The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) has confirmed that the new Government taskforce will be headed by Moira Gibb, the chief executive of Camden Council and a former social worker, and would report to ministers by next summer.

A DCSF spokeswoman said that it would be a "nuts and bolts review" of social work practice.

"We know that we have not done enough to support excellence in social work," she said. "We have been working for a while on a workforce strategy." 

Having written publicly and to many government officials in the past to no avail, I can say that  this is yet another piece of  Neo Labour’s anger absorption BULLSHIT designed to save their necks for now and maybe their jobs in the coming days and election.


Why do I say that?


First of all, the expected announcement of the formation of a “TASK FORCE” to look at every aspect of social work, “including leadership”.

Are they going to attack bloody Iraq again so that they need a bloody Task Force? All that is needed Alan and Ed is GO BACK TO BASICS, that is:








Am  I talking rocket science?


Secondly; why do you keep using those flashy useless expressions such “including leadership”, “the changes would be controversial”, “determined to ensure that the professionals entrusted with child safety carried out their task properly”?


But the mother of all flashes (Apology to Saddam) was Balls’ bragging that “he wanted to transform the standing of social workers in order to attract "the brightest and the best" into the profession”. Is he telling us that the existing social services have the dumbest and the worst of the British workforce? If so, what was the prudent Neo Labour doing for 11 years with dumb and useless social services? Also what profession is Balls talking about? I can tell him that there no such thing as “Care Profession” in Britain as I saw it in America, France and Germany to name but a few.


I remember trying few years ago to employ two nurses from Egypt and Philippines to work as Domiciliary carers in my care company, which would have raised the standards of care in my company- carers came usually from cleaning companies. My application was turned down by vigilant David Blunkett without giving any reason, to discover later, to my horror, that the Don Joan Home Secretary gave UK residence to his mistresses’ nanny. Worse than that were my findings that thousands of unqualified foreigners were allowed into Britain in Blunkett’s period to work in farms and factories for less than half the minimum wage.


I am not going to comment on the rest of Balls shit but would like to point out to what made me really sick and what shows clearly that Balls’ brag is not going to produce more than yet another useless report that won’t be worth the price of the hundreds of  pages it will be written on. Indeed, it is the confirmation of The Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) that the new Government taskforce will be headed by Moira Gibb, the chief executive of Camden Council and a former social worker.

For goodness sake Balls, haven’t you learned that you should never replace Hitler with Mussolini?


If I was in charge, not only would I have sacked All the Social Services Mafia chiefs up and down the country, but I would have made ALL of them stand trial for the thousands of crimes committed against the vulnerable children, elderly people and families- crimes that have been concealed and covered within the high walls of social services invincible castles. Social Services Departments have always been run as confidential, non-transparent, organisations.  A private company is obliged to uphold Health and Safety Laws, where owners face prosecution when a death occurs. Social services should be equally prosecuted. There should be no confidentiality whenever a death occurs.


Let me finish with a prayer for Baby P, Victoria Climbie, 22 elderly victims of Basingstoke Social Services in 1995 and the many unknown thousands murdered under the supervision of social services all over Britain.

May their souls


rest in peace, Amen


Shame List


Enjoy sitting idle in our planes on the tarmac for just
an extra 
75 Euros
per hour


Find out why our Chief Executive is paid over a million pound bonus for mucking up your account


You read

the meter
We grab

more of

 your money


If you have been abused, conned or mistreated by a business, big or small, and wish to shame them, email your story with evidence. We will contact them to hear their side of the story with a view to resolve it. If they fail to respond or settle the matter then we will publish it £as you put it". We are just mediators trying to help and stand by those who suffer injustice. All published stories are the responsibility of those who sent them.




 The QUANGO "responsible" for a huge chunk of TAXPAYERS money to "Make Social Care Better for People" are messing about- almost everything.

Not only they are KILLING SMALL CARE BUSINESSES to the advantage of BIG CARE PLCs, they are also BULLYING those small businesses- like everything else to do with small business in this country under NEO Labour.

A sample of their NONESENSE is the huge amount of paper they push onto small care providers leaving them little time to provide CARE. And, at a time of extreme financial troubles, thanks to NEW LABOUR prudency, the 20% ANNUAL increment on the newly invented "REGISTRATION FEE".

But, of course, if the quango remain chaired by the one and only Denise Platt, the Haringey Social Services boss at the time Climbie murder, one can't expect any worse administration.

I repeat, social care need TOTAL CHANGE- starting from the useless top.  








Dr E O Selim
01 December 2008

Despite all what people said ( )about the reckless murder of baby P, the incompetent useless New Labour government remain adamant to do the smart and stupid thing - NOTHING. Just petty news conferences, messing about and insulting our intelligence, daily- And one silly SUSPENSION WITH "FULL PAY"!!!!

Having written a long article about the need to totally change the rotten social care system in Britain and even identified the real killers of baby P, I though that I will see some good sackings at the top level. All that fell on the deaf ears of the government. Still, the Dame remains in her causey place as chair of the useless Care inspection quango and all the top guys in place. No word about cleaning the Social Care Mafia network. Nothing about making social care ACCOUNTABLE and TRANSPARENT .

Is it not enough that the bloody government poured tens of billions of our money into banks bossed by the incompetent blunderers and thieves without even asking us? If this had happened in Thailand  their would have been many sackings at the prime ministerial and ministerial levels.

What is killing me more is the very weak stand of the so called opposition on many sizzling issues. It is time for the current parliament, if there were a majority of decent MPs, to call for a major and proper investigation in both of the farcical bailing out of useless banks and the killing of poor baby B.

If nothing of this happens I as expect, a vote of no confidence in this New Labour lot. It seems that Britain urgently needs a decent and good coalition government elected from within a good and decent parliament as opposed to the same rotten faces we have now across the chamber. Failing to act and do that will be catastrophic!






Dr Elsayed Omar Selim
1st November 2008
Thousands of British people are losing their jobs every day especially in banks and financial companies such as American Express (yesterday making 10% of its European work force redundant). More have already lost their jobs in the building industry, care agencies and dealers and, of course the TARVEL and TOURISM field.
The big gloom is not, however, pursuading PRUDENT Gordon Brown to behave himself and admit that he is USELESS. He continue bragging about helping SMALL BUSINESS and how HE has ASKED banks to support small business and bla . . bla . . bla . .
Brown does not know the word SHAME. He should know that small businesses are closing at a horrific rate and that the most busy businesses in Britain nowadays are DEBT COLLECTION, BAILIFFS and AUCTIONS of REPOSSESSED SHOP CONTENTS.
The outcome of Brown's prudency and New Labour's shambolic management of Britain is a high unemployment, millions of families in debt, broken marriages, children taken to care, some taking their on life as they fail to meet cost of living- in a word DISASTER.

OK, Brown knows he is not going to be in the job soon, neither will NEW LABOUR, but this is not a reason for cheating the British people while he is looking for another after-death lucrative job like his former boss BLAIR.
If there was a shred of democracy in today's Britain the current parliament should be dissolved, the government sacked and a general election declared to bring about a NEW EFFICIENT GOVERNMENT to deal with the mess NEW LABOUR have created and steer Britain through a DEPRESSION the country have never  experienced before.
And just to prove my point, here is a sample of the MESS we have published by the Daily Mail today:
JJB Sports' plan to shut 72 stores

leaves High Street
 reeling as the City warns 40,000 jobs

could be axed
JJB Sports revealed another major blow to the high street today after it said it was shutting 72 stores with the loss of around 800 jobs.

Details of the planned closures comes after it was revealed today that more than up to 40,000 City jobs could be axed as banks and stockbrokers deal with one of the worst financial crises in decades.

It is twice the figure first feared and amounts to one in 10 jobs in London's financial district

Wigan-based JJB, which has more than 400 outlets, began implementing the closure plan earlier this year after a business review by new management.

The sports chain is to close 72 stores and lose 800 jobs by the end of the month

It said the stores in question were unlikely to make any "significant contribution" to group profits and that many were already close to newer and larger stores in its estate. The sites will shut by the end of this

More on that Daily Mail story  on:

Local Councils FUCKED


Sack the lot


Close the local brothels

Dr Elsayed Omar Selim

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

09 October 2008

So, councils’ fat cats, up and down the country, were gambling with our money- behind our backs. At the same time they kept hiking up council tax, cutting services and paying themselves hefty remunerations.

"Leaked" information so far show the following

exposed to Icelandic losses:

Kent county council  £50 million

Barnet approx  £27 million

Westminster  £17 million

Hertfordshire  £17 million

West Sussex county council  £12.9 million

Havering  £12.5 million

North Lincolnshire  £5.5 million

Sutton £5.5 million

Buckinghamshire  £5 million

North East Lincolnshire  £2.5 million

Ipswich £2 million

Hillingdon ?????????

And, thanks to the total lack of transparency in the

British Government System,

god knows if these are the real figures? Which

other councils have thrown our money in the




Fcukem !

Why do we keep that irresponsible

lot in charge of lives?

The whole thing has to be radically changed.

Let’s Sack the lot and close the local brothels.

In fact, those fat cats should not get away with it

 and should be

Put on trial in criminal courts!


It’s a BIG CRIME !



Dave Can't be



Dr Elsayed Omar Selim

Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

02 October 2008


In his closing Conservative Party speech yesterday, Tory leader David Cameron read with enthusiasm and passion what his speech writer wrote. But, is he and his conservative clan serious about all that? 

According to Timesonline, Mr Cameron presented himself as a conviction politician ready to take the difficult and unpopular decisions to guide Britain to better times after inheriting a huge deficit and an economic mess. However, he followed this saying: he could promise “no new dawns, no overnight transformations, no miracle cure”. But what he could offer was the leadership to unite his party and build a strong team, the character “to stick to \ guns and not bottle it” when times got tough, and the judgment to understand the mistakes that had been made and to offer change.

So Dave offers a slow, probably very slow, change - and why not?  as long as he he is not suffering from the terrible ongoing status quo. Dave is not in a hurry because he has nothing to offer in real terms. He, instead, told us that: Britain needed “a change in direction”.

So what Dave? any school boy, let alone a 41 year old party leader, can see that. 

Dave then repeated himself, and hit against Brown in passing, by saying: “The risk is not in making a change. The risk is sticking with what you’ve got and expecting a different result.”

Offering no meat so far, Dave started blowing his own trumpet to match Brown's bragging, he rushed into talking about his core values of family, public service and social responsibility, one in which he accepted that he was trying to show that he was up to leading the country. He was not a libertarian, he said. He would trust his principles, his judgment and his colleagues. He would be guided by conviction, not calculation.

Dave talks about Conviction not calculation! at a time when calculation is what any government needs to get us out of the mess, poverty and very deep recession.

Late in his unnecessarily long winded speech, Dave Tried to put some meat on the table. He restated his charge that Britain had become a “broken society because of violent crime, antisocial behaviour and an “angry, harsh culture of incivility”. Rejecting Labour claims that the Conservatives were an “anti-state party”; Dave said that the “central task” for a Tory government under his leadership would be social reform as radical as the economic reforms introduced by Mrs Thatcher in the 1980s. His approach to this would centre on the family, which was “the best welfare system there is”.

It is clear that Dave's speech writer, after being forced to add a lot about the current financial mess, and while trying to push Dave's passion about "family", has totally forgotten the mother of all social mess*- The "abuse of older people and pensioners" by government particularly those in charge of what is called "Social Care" in this country let alone by the rest of the society including their own daughters and sons.

Few moments, here and there, I felt that Dave was trying to point fingers at the biggest of all British sins- bureaucracy and the huge white elephant called "local government". But, of course, with many of the dinosaurs controlled by conservative councillors, he could not raise his finger enough to be seen.

Dave also hinted hesitantly at hunderds of Taxpayers' money crunching QUANGOS but failed to utter what is he going to do about them. I thought he would say that if they win the next election his government would get rid of all those unaccountable empires or, at least, trim the numbers and make them accountable to the taxpayers. But, of course, I forgot that quangos were originally invented by the conservatives to rewards their cronies, Earls, Dames and Lords with FAT JOBS for doing next to nothing.

Finally, although not expected from the conservative war mongers, I thought Dave could have used the current dreadful bankruptcy status of Britain to say that he would stop sacrificing more young British souls and squandering more billions in Afghanistan and Iraq. I think he missed a great opportunity to do it with dignity rather than hanging on until the deteriorating situation in those swamps force British forces unceremonious withdrawal.


Islam criticised on AlJazeera!

Adel Lotfy

Egyptian Journalist

30 September 2008

I sincerely believe that Aljazeera T.V is bigger than withdrawing such opinion from the net, and like most organisations they will keep this episode in its archives for ever.


I admired the courage of that lady (Dr Wafa Sultan*); however it was obvious that she was flirting with some one or body in the west, and more with Jewish organisations... I disagree with her complimentary attitude especially when she was supposed to be purely academic... She also accused Islam of dividing people, though we saw that earlier and or clearer by many other religions and beliefs... In fact Islam called Jews and Christians (people of the book) as a sign of respect and oneness, not to see division between them and themselves).


That Lady accused Muslims of crimes that the world has been ever getting closer to realise that they were committed by the complainants themselves... Don't you remember saying that the world was run by a syndicate of nine or eleven men only days after 9/11?!


That lady forgets how unfairly as well as violently the Muslims have been treated recently and how their mosques were raised to the ground in India before some demolished the Buddhist statue in Afghanistan... I instantly foresaw that crime as a pretext for the invasion of Afghanistan and other Muslim countries, and that those who committed such folly were nothing but agents of Anti Islamism; one of whom is Osama bin Laden whose family are gigantic partners in and financiers of many notorious American and multi-national organisations.


I am pleased to have seen some one speak to Muslims in general with the courage and tone they needed to be faced with, and need to emulate when addressing those hypocrites and ignorant who live on falsely claiming to represent Islam or Muslims... However, I strongly believe that all beliefs and traditions should be stripped off the foolish and cowardly protection provided to them by almost all legal systems, national and international, though we must bear in mind that raising such concept would at once bring to minds the extra ordinary protection the Jews can't stop demanding and promoting in every possible way and fashion… Then some one like me (free secular democrat) or probably you could stand aloft and say: It is high time we all stopped wasting any time, energy and resources on protecting and promoting myth in general, not only what many Muslims are now justifiably happy and quite reasonably proud to call their belief…


Finally, it is fair to say that the lady in question was deliberately biased and was no intellectual, but thankfully served the purpose of speaking loudly against one of many backward, but probably the least evil, forces of darkness.


* Wafa Sultan (born 1958, Damascus, Syria) is a Syrian-born American psychiatrist and a controversial critic of Islam.


NO Gordon,


You Aren’t With the Poor



Dr Elsayed Omar Selim

27 September 2008



Gordon, I wanted to write this article yesterday after listening to your long winded speech at the Labour Party conference in Manchester. But I decided to wait until you talk to the UN today just in case you say something different, and what a  shame - total disappointment. After I listened again to your Manchester speech, I found that it was not just full of old political rhetoric but it was littered with out of place spin. Your speech writer reminded me with some of my students who were unable to produce a good thesis so they resort to copying from the internet- unfortunately they copied the known and the redundant.


Now to the point, as you said. I thought the highlight of your speech was meant to convey that yourunwavering focus is taking this country through the challenging economic circumstances we face and building the fair society of the future.”  So I thought you will hang around in Britain listening to voices of the elderly, the pensioners, single parents, the unemployed  and the public at large who are suffering from one of the bleakest times for decades.


Instead, you decided to jump on the first available British Airway jumbo and off to New York- before BA join the defunct Northern Rock, Halifax Bank of Scotland and others in the receivership world. You preferred to address challenges of the future in USA than facing up to reality in London. Perhaps you believed that our problems were globally made and, therefore, must be globally resolved?


Once again, to the point, Gordon. You are wrong on this one. Our main problems were home made and by non other than Blair, Brown and their super dooper “New Labour”.


Yesterday, you repeatedly mentioned the slogan “stability and fairness” – none of which exist today – in New Labour’s Britain.


You said: every child should have a good school”.

I say: tough. Even in what is supposedly better off south England, many schools are over crowded, ill equipped and have to raise funds to fill the black hole in their budget left by New Labour’s government and its prudent chief. Yes schools have turned into fund-raising businesses instead of education and learning institutions. And the result is poor standards particularly in mathematics and sciences despite the great reports fabricated by the OFSTED quango.


You aid:my intention to introduce ground-breaking legislation to enshrine in law Labour's pledge to end child poverty
I say: Good intention, and I would love to see it happening. But do you know that one in every two British marriages end up in divorce within the first seven years of marriage? And I am sure you know that Britain has the highest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe, let alone the spread of alcohol and drug abuse among British youngsters.


You said: “Labour is the party of the NHS - we created it, we saved it, we value it and we always will support it”.

I say: How could you claim that while many people can’t find a dentist that will look after teeth adequately without ripping them off?. Are you aware Gordon that droves of Brits go abroad to countries such as Hungary and Slovakia for dental treatment because it is much better and costs nearly half the cost of treatment in Britain?.
And I am not going to complain about the terrible state of NHS hospitals or their lack of well trained staff but will emphasise that the need for a total overhaul of the General Parishioners system which has become totally unsuitable for this millennium as it lacks well trained and updated doctors, to say the least.

When figures show that life expectancy among the poor in Britain has deteriorated in the last decade in the UK, and when many people say that healthy long life is only affordable by the rich, it is difficult to swallow your bitter moaning about “people living longer in Britain”.

You said: ”We will be the party that will ensure security and dignity for pensioners.”
I say: Then you are admitting that you have never visited a nursing home in Britain, or that you might have been shown just a five star nursing home which charges £2000 weekly affordable only by the elite half percent of the British elderly. You know Gordon, many nursing homes in this country are not worthy of being a kennel for dogs.
New Labour Government managed to produce a quango after the other to regulate Care in this country and ensure quality of care provided to the vulnerable of its citizens. What happened in reality was that Care is still under the useless control of the old “social Services” old guard albeit under “NEW” name- and the abuse of funds and elder people continue. Gordon, you should be ashamed of presiding on such an abusive Social Careless set up. 

You said: One million people freed from exploitation- and now the minimum wage rising year on year”.

I say: but there are 1.8 million unemployed Brits right now and nearly 1.3 million job seekers. These figures will increase by at least 30% to 50% by April 2009 thanks to New Labour and its following to and support of disastrous American fiscal and political policies and strategies.


You said: “one million small and medium-sized businesses set up in the last eleven years. One million new businesses demonstrating yet again the real power of Labour to change lives”.

I say: As a proprietor of a small business myself, I have never seen a high rate of closure of small businesses in this country like that prevailing since 2007- at least a closure ever week in Hampshire. More over, we small businesses have been treated like dirt, for almost a decade, by banks, councils, big companies, government quangos and even law firms. It’s a miracle that there are still few small businesses around in this jungle.


You said: “we will be the party of law and order”.

I say: Forget it Gordon! With knives all over the place, lack of discipline in schools and in our streets, all what New Labour has produced is a very fragile policing system that is incapable of protecting even itself. A brutal murder every week in most areas is not a good order Gordon, or is it!

If I am not able to walk after sunset in the small town I live in then no wonder the vulnerable could not. Intimidation by youth gangs and vandalism are rife. And don’t talk about community support officers Gordon- they are nice guys but that is all. They are more vulnerable than me. Good policing means fully fledged main stream police cadre not a two tier organisation.


And, as if all that was not bad enough;

You bragged: “I want to give the people of this country an unconditional assurance - no ifs, no buts, no small print - my unwavering focus is taking this country through the challenging economic circumstances we face and building the fair society of the future.


Unconditional assurance?  

Then, How could you then live with Sky Money’s Mark Adam’s view that:
“The spiralling cost of a mortgage could be about to trigger a new wave of repossessions. Official figures from the Ministry of Justice show that
the number of homeowners facing repossession after falling behind on their mortgage repayments has risen by 24% over the past three months.
The figures show that
28,658 repossession orders were issued by courts in England and Wales during the second quarter of the year
. It’s worth remembering that these orders don’t automatically result in tenants losing their homes - but many banks are pursuing actions more vigorously than before as the credit crunch eats into their margins.
Northern Rock in particular has received much criticism from debt counsellors for its heavy-handed tactics. The recently-nationalised bank - while shedding staff elsewhere - is planning to triple the number of staff in its debt recovery division before the end of the year. Frances Walker of debt charity the Consumer Credit Counselling Service (CCCS) is unimpressed. “Creditors are going for a lot more charging orders than they ever did in the past," she says.
"It's now a widespread practice and not one which we approve of. After all, lenders usually charged higher rates of interest for unsecured loans to reflect the added risk of borrowers defaulting. It’s unfair - they want to have their cake and eat it.”
One million at risk!  

The new figures follow last week’s report from industry body the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) that showed
the number of actual repossessions jumped by 48% in the first half of the year to its highest level for 12 years
. The CML forecasts that 45,000 homes will be repossessed by the end of the year as cash-strapped borrowers struggle to repay their mortgages. Yet the real figure could be far higher.
Some 1.4 million homeowners are set to come off cheaper fixed-rate mortgage deals this year and see their monthly repayments soar. Taking into account the
17% increase in the cost of domestic energy and 12% increase in the cost of food, many of us are facing a bleak autumn. “

Last, but not least, I am surprised at your telling us of your plans to start this and do that to improve everything despite the fact that you were the chancellor for a decade and nothing happened of all that. The declining sate of the British economy and the resulting escalation of the cost of living in Britain can‘t be surely blamed on global influences. The country is now controlled by big businesses having a great time assaulting all of us with their indiscriminate and irresponsible pricing structures. I was deeply concerned last week when my gas provider e-on hiked up their rates by 50% - out of the blue. Needless to say that this applies to all utility companies who are now behaving like thugs while your government is turning a blind eye.


I can go on and on to refute most of you said in your speech but I hope that you have got the message. However, I can’t end without leaving you with a very important note about Bailiffs and Debt Collection Agencies, in memory of baby Alfie who was murdered prematurely by Bailiffs who broke in his mum’s house to recover PEANUTS. I could not help it when I heard about this tragic loss and the first thought that came to my mind was: “Only a thug administration will allow THUGS to operate in day light in such a barbaric manner”. I keep asking: Is this not a matter for courts?

As times ahead will be more difficult financially, many British citizens will be under threat from assault by debt collection thugs endangering their lives. I hope you will act swiftly Gordon before we see more bodies and coffins on Britain’s roads courtesy of Bailiff’s Debt Collectors.


Gordon, give me a break

YOU are NOT with the POOR

Thumbs up ÓÇäÏæÇ Ãæá ãÕÑì Ýì ÏÎæá ãÌáÓ ÇáÚãæã ÇáÈÑíØÇäì

ÇáÅÎæÇÊ æÇáÅÎæÉ ÇáãÕÑííä Ýì ÈÑíØÇäíÇ

ãäÐ 1997 æÃäÇ ÃÍÇæá ÇáÝæÒ ßãÑÔÍ ãÓÊÞá ÈãÞÚÏ Ýì ãÌáÓ ÇáÚãæã ÇáÈÑíØÇäì áßä ßá ãÍÇæáÇÊì ÈÇÁÊ ÈÇáÝÔá.

ÚäÏãÇ ÎÖÊ Ãæá ãÚÑßÉ áì Ýì åÇãÈÔíÑ Ýì ãÇíæ 1997 áã Ãßä ÍÏíË ÇáÚåÏ ÈÇáÓíÇÓÉ ÇáÈÑíØÇäíÉ ÈÚÏ 20 ÓäÉ ãä æÌæÏì Ýì ÈÑíØÇäíÇ. áßä Ðáß áã íÔßá ßá ÎáÝíÊì ÇáÓíáÓíÉ ÈÇáäÓÈÉ áÈÑíØÇäíÇ æÃäÇ ÇáÐì äÔÇÊ æÊÑÚÑÚÊ Ýì ÈæÑÓÚíÏ ÍíË ÛÑÓÊ ÈÐÑÉ ÇáÅÓÊÞáÇá Úä ÈÑíØÇäíÇ æÅÑÓÇá ÚÓÇßÑåÇ Åáì ÍíË íÌÈ Ãä íßæäæÇ- Åáì ÈÑíØÇäíÇ.

áÞÏ ÔÇÁ ÞÏÑì ¡ ÃäÇ ÇáÐì ßäÊ ÃßÑå ÇáÅÓÊÚãÇÑ ÈÕÝÉ ÚÇãÉ æÇáÈÑíØÇäì ÈÕÝÉ ÎÇÕÉ ¡ Ãä ÃÞÖì ÃØæá ÝÊÑÉ Ýì ÍíÇÊì Ýì äÝÓ ÇáÈáÏ ÇáÐì ßäÇ äÍÇÑÈå Ýì ÕÛÑäÇ- æáÇ ÊÚáã äÝÓ ÈÃì ÃÑÖ ÊãæÊ. áßä ÇáÃíÇã ÚáãÊäì Ãä ãÇ ßäÊ ÃßÑå ÍÞíÞÉ áã íßä ÔÚÈ ÈÑíØÇäíÇ Èá ßÇä ÇáãÄÓÓÉ ÇáÈÑíØÇäíÉ ÕÇÍÈÉ ÇáÚÞáíÉ ÇáÅÓÊÚãÇÑíÉ ÇáÅÓÊÛáÇáíÉ ÇáÊì áÇ ÊÄãä ÈãÈÏà ÚÔ æÏÚ ÇáÂÎÑíä íÚíÔæä. ÝÞÏ æÌÏÊ ÃÛáÈíÉ ÇáÈÑíØÇäííä ÈÔÑ ãËáäÇ Ýíåã ÇáÕÇáÍ æÇáØÇáÍ æáåã ãÚÇäÇÊåã æãÔÇßáåã ÇáãÚíÔíÉ ãËáäÇ æãËá ÇáÔÚæÈ ÇáÃÎÑì æáæ Úáì ãÓÊæíÇÊ ãÎÊáÝÉ.

ãä åäÇ ÈÏÃÊ ÃÚÑÝ Ãä ãÔßáÊì áíÓÊ ãÚ ÌäÓíÇÊ Ãæ ÏíÇäÇÊ ãÚíäÉ ÈÞÏÑ ãÇ åì ãÚ ÃäÙãÉ ÞÏ Êßæä Ýì Ãì ÈáÏ Ãæ ãßÇä. æÌæåÑ Êáß ÇáãÔßáÉ åæ Ãä ÃßËÑ ãÇ íÒÚÌäì æíÄáãäì ÈÏæä ÍÏæÏ åæ Ùáã ÇáÈÔÑ áÈÔÑ ãËáåã - Ãì Ùáã æÇáÙáã ÃäæÇÚ. æáÞÏ ßÇäÊ ÓÝÑíÇÊì ÇáßËíÑÉ ßãåäÏÓ Ëã ßÃßÇÏíãì Åáì ßËíÑ ãä ÈáÇÏ ÇáÚÇáã æÑÇÁ ÈáæÑÊ Ýåãì ÇáÓíÇÓì ÈÚÏãÇ æÌÏÊ Ãäå ÃíäãÇ ÐåÈÊ Ýì ÚÇáãäÇ ÇáÌãíá ßÇäÊ ÇáÃäÙãÉ ÇáãÎÊáÝÉ Ýì ÙÇåÑåÇ ÊÓÊÚÈÏ ÔÚæÈåÇ ÈØÑÞ ãÊÈÇíäÉ æÚáì ãÓÊæíÇÊ ãÊÚÏÏÉ. ÚÔÊ Ýì ãÕÑ æÑæÓíÇ æÇáßæíÊ æÃãÑíßÇ æÈÑíØÇäíÇ æãÇáÇæì Ýì ÌäæÈ ÃÝÑíÞíÇ æáã ÇÑì ÅáÇ ÇÓÊÚÈÇÏÇ áÔÚæÈåÇ ÈÚÖå ãÓÊÊÑÇ æÇáÈÞíÉ Úáì Úíäß íÇÊÇÌÑ ßãÇ äÞæá Ýì ãÕÑ.

ãä åÐÇ ÇáãäØáÞ ßÇä ÇäÎÑÇØì Ýì ÇáÚãá ÇáíÓÇÓì ØæÇá ÍíÇÊì Ëã ÑÛÈÊì ÇáãáÍÉ Ýì ÇáãÔÇÑßÉ Ýì ÕäÚ ÇáÞÑÇÑ ÇáÓíÇÓì ßãÓÊÞá Ýì ÈÑíØÇäíÇ æÏÚã ÇáÊÛííÑ Ýì ãÕÑ ÍíË Ãääì ãæÇØä áßá ãä ÇáÈáÏíä. æÑÛã ÃäÔÛÇáì ÇáÔÏíÏ ÈÚÏÏ ãä ÇáÊÍÏíÇÊ æãÔÇÑíÚ ÇáÊÛííÑ Ýì ãÕÑ ÈÕÝÉ íæãíÉ áßäì Ýì äÝÓ ÇáæÞÊ ÃæÇÙÈ Úáì ãÊÇÈÚÉ æãÍÇæÑÉ ãÚÙã ãÇ ÊÞæã Èå ÇáãÄÓÓÉ ÇáÍÇßãÉ Ýì ÈÑíØÇäíÇ ÍÊì ÇÓÊØíÚ íæãÇ ãÇ ÏÎæá ãÌáÓ ÇáÚãæã ÇáÈÑíØÇäì ãä ÈÇÈå ÇáÑÆíÓì áÃÍÞÞ ÇáÍáã - ÇáæÞæÝ Ýì æÌå ÇáÙÇáã æãÓÇäÏÉ ÇáãÙáæã.

áã ÃÊãäì Ýì Ãì íæã Ýì ÍíÇÊì Ãä Ãßæä ÛäíÇ Ãæ ãÔåæÑÇ Ãæ ÕÇÍÈ ãÑßÒ ÞæÉ ÓíÇÓíÉ ¡ áßäì ÇßÊÔÝÊ Ãäå áä íßæä áì ÞÏÑÉ Úáì ÊÍÞíÞ ÇáÍáã ÅáÇ ÈÇáÍÕæá Úáì ÃÍÏ ÇáßÑÇÓì Ýì ãÞåì ÇáÓíÇÓÉ. ÝßäÇÆÈ "ãÓÊÞá" Ýì ãÌáÓ ÇáÚãæã íãßääì Ãä ÃÝÚá æÃäÌÒ ÇáßËíÑ ãä ÏÇÎá ãÑßÒ ÕäÇÚÉ ÇáÞÑÇÑ Ïæä ÇáÊÝÑíØ Ýì ãÈÇÏÆì. æáä íßæä Ðáß Ýì ÈÑíØÇäíÇ ÝÞØ áßäå ÓíãÊÏ ÚÈÑ ÇáÈÍÇÑ ¡ ÝãËáÇ Óíãßääì Ãä ÃÓÇäÏ ÚãáíÉ ÇáÊÛííÑ ÇáÏíãÞÑÇØì Ýì ãÕÑ ÈØÑíÞÉ ÃßËÑ ÝÚÇáíÉ æÃÔÏ æÞÚÇ.

ÅÎæÊì æÃÎæÇÊì ¡ Çáíæã ÃÚáä ÎæÖì ááãÚÑßÉ ÇáÅäÊÎÇÈíÉ ÇáÞÇÏãÉ áÏÎæá ãÌáÓ ÇáÚãæã ÇáÈÑíØÇäì æßáì Ããá ÈÇáÝæÒ Ýì ãÍÇæáÊì ÇáËÇáËÉ æÎÕæÕÇ Ãä Çáíæã åæ áíáÉ ÇáÞÏÑ. ßáì Ããá Ýì Ãä ÃÍÙì ÈãÓÇäÏÉ ßá ãÕÑíÉ æãÕÑì Ýì ÈÑíØÇäíÇ æáä ÇÞæá áßì ÃÓÇäÏåã åäÇ áÅä Ðáß ãÖãæä Ïæä ÅÚáÇä ¡ áßä áßì ÃÓÇäÏ ÔÚÈäÇ ÇáãÞåæÑ Ýì ãÕÑ. áßì ääÊÒÚ ÇáÍÑíÉ áãä ÃæÏÚåã äÙÇã ãÈÇÑß ÇáãÌÑã Ýì ÛíÇåÈ ÇáãÚÊÞáÇÊ áÅäåã ÞÇáæÇ áÇ ááÙáã.

æãä Çáíæã íãßäßã ÇÑÓÇá ÃÝßÇÑßã æ ãÞÊÑÍÇÊßã Ýì åÐÇ ÇáÔÃä Åáì ÇáÅíãíá ÇáÊÇáì:

ßãÇ íãßäß ÃíÖÇ ÇáãÔÇÑßÉ Ýì ãæÞÚì:

æÊÐßÑæÇ Ãä Ãì ÝßÑÉ Ãæ ÇÞÊÑÇÍ ÊÓÇåãæä Èå Óíßæä ãËÇÈÉ ãÓãÇÑ Ýì ßÑÓì ãÓÊÞá áÃæá ãÕÑì Ýì ÊÇÑíÎ ãÌáÓ ÇáÚãæã ÇáÈÑíØÇäì.

ÃÔßÑßã ãÞÏãÇ Úáì ãÓÇäÏÊßã æßá ÚÇã æÃäÊã ÈÎíÑ

Will Gordon be evicted from

10 Browning Drowning Street


Dr E O Selim
23 August 2008

Poor old Gordon Brown is in real trouble. Although robust and cares less like most politicians, Gordon did not enjoy moving to number 10 from day one- one problem after the other and one shambles a week as prescribed by Dr Tony Blair. And, as if the guy has some spare capacity for more humiliation, Glitter kept him on his toes for the last 3 days and silly Miliband raised his weak voice against mighty Russia without consulting Gordi - was that a stab in Gordon's back designed to speed up the conspiracy to replace  him by extremely ambitious Miliband.  

Does Gordon deserve all that?

Every thing that is happening now has Gordon's finger prints on it. He can't escape from the fact that he was Blair's partner in all the mess we saw over the last 10 years from the shambolic and illegal invasion of Iraq to the total submission to the mad dogs in Washington.

Using the credit crunch as a hanger to hang on all the financial misery we are witnessing now is not a good idea especially from a man that used to call himself prudent- mind you he does not talk much about the economy now leaving hapless Alastair Darling to face the music alone.

What makes Gordon's position extremely unpalatable these days is his silence and lack of action about helping the British people to tackle the horrible recession which started a while ago and which is getting worse by the day. So while the American government put the interest rate down and intervened to halt the assault by banks and lenders on American house owners, Brown and his useless government left the Bank of England to decide the fate of Britain. The result was a flood of repossessions and job cuts all over the place- and we ain't seen nothing yet.

Of course Gordon Brown deserves all what is happening to him now and what will happen to him shortly when he will be out of 10 Browning street with no prospect for a fat job like that of smart Blair.

Whether David Miliband was the one who put the last nail in Brown's political career coffin is not certain since many were after his neck. However, it is obvious that ambitious and power hungry Miliband can't wait to move into number 10. The stark evidence is his taking over of the helm and his shouting at the Russians to get out of Georgia- as if he was the prime minister.

One thing is now definite; ALL the parties have let down the British people, the PARTY SYSTEM has failed utterly and whatever left of it has reached its sell-by date- a new way of governance is due in this new century. Whether the British people have reached the same conclusion or not remains to be seen, but I believe that a COALITION of INDEPENDENT people elected through a one-person-one-vote election is the way forward - not only for Britain but for the whole world.

We need a break from clubs, gangs and groups of thugs who took all of us hostages and  ruled everywhere in our world. Instead, management teams of honest experts in all disciplines can do our world a load of good.

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Nobody saw it (the credit crunch) coming

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